U.S. Avalanche Course Provider Directory

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The purpose of listing course providers on this website is as a public service to promote avalanche education by providing a critical link for the recreating public to increase their knowledge and awareness of avalanche hazards.  The listing also assists individuals and organizations in connecting with avalanche education programs in their geographic region. 

Course providers are listed on avalanche.org and americanavalancheassociation.org because individuals in the organization are members of the AAA, and according to representations made by these AAA professional members, their independently developed curriculum, courses and programs are consistent with AAA education guidelines.  AAA believes that avalanche education can be more thoughtfully, consistently and responsibly conducted and can achieve more constructive outcomes for students when course providers and avalanche instructors in the United States strive to embrace common guidelines and practices. 

Course providers operate independently of AAA.  AAA does not oversee, control or warrant the character or quality of listed course providers’ businesses or programs and is not responsible for the content of their specific courses or programs.  Those interested in taking courses from listed providers should independently investigate and assess these course providers and their specific courses and programs.

A course provider’s listing on this website does not guarantee that a course provider’s courses or programs will be safe, or that participation in that course or program will be free from harm.  In choosing to voluntarily engage in avalanche courses or programs or recreate in outdoor, backcountry and/or wilderness settings, participants must understand that they accept and assume the inherent risks of these activities, and share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well being of others on the course, program or trip.