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This library is a cooperative project between avalanche.org and the WestWide Avalanche Network and past sponsors. The goal of the Library is to provide easy access to all types of papers that contain information about snow and avalanches. With additional support, avalanche.org will be able to post many more articles in the future. Be sure to check out select articles from The Avalanche Review. This is a publication that is supported and operated by the American Avalanche Association and its members.

PLEASE remember, this is only a starting point for avalanche education. It is not intended to provide adequate information for you to start making decisions for yourself and others in avalanche terrain.

Decision Making - Human Factor

Decision Questioning Organizing Doubt; TAR34.4
Risk Tolerance & Self-Awareness Good Driver Discount; TAR33.4
Decision Making Like A Girl A Look at the Gender Heuristic Trap; TAR33.4
Conscious/Unconscious Decision-Making Know Your Own Competence; TAR33.4
Strategic Mind-Sets; TAR33.4
The Checklist Controversy; TAR33.2
The Avalanche Toolbox; TAR32.2
Talking the Talk Human Factors, Group Communication, and the Next Frontier in Snow Safety; TAR31.4
Hey Avalanche Educators: Language Matters; TAR31.4
Risk Tolerance; TAR30.4
The Sensibly Guided Search: Heuristic Processing in Avalanche Terrain; TAR30.2
Different Ways for Different Days How to manage four common types of instability; TAR29.3
Intuition in Expert Decision-Making; TAR29.4
Right Trigger, Right Place, Wrong Time; TAR28.3
Professional Avalanche Near Misses Why Do They Happen, Who is Involved, and How Can We Prevent Them? TAR28.1
Seven avalanches remotely triggered; TAR23.4
Developing Good Decisions Decision-making in avalanche terrain is challenging; TAR23.3
Common Mistakes made by Avalanche Professionals
Guide for a Day The Dynamics of Accidental Leadership
Repeated Mistakes made by Avalanche Professionals

Laura Adams

Avalanche Judgment & Decision-making Part III - Developing Expertise; TAR25.1
Avalanche Judgment & Decision-making Part II - The Influence of Human Factors; TAR24.3
Avalanche Judgment & Decision-making Part I; TAR24.2

Heuristics Traps

Inside the mind of a potential avalanche victim; SLC Tribune0501
Evidence of heuristic traps in recreational avalanche accidents; ISSW 2002
When rules of thumb betray us
Evidence of heuristic traps in recreational avalanche accidents Reprint; ISSW 2002
Traveling in All-Women's Groups: Experience and Anecdotes from Professionals; TAR22.3

Doug Krause

Team Work Seal Team Soup; TAR34.2
Situational Awareness Part 3: Projection: the act of visualizing and regarding an idea or the like as an objective reality; TAR33.4
Situational Awareness Part Two: Integrating Belief and Perception; TAR33.2