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This library is a cooperative project between avalanche.org and the WestWide Avalanche Network and past sponsors. The goal of the Library is to provide easy access to all types of papers that contain information about snow and avalanches. With additional support, avalanche.org will be able to post many more articles in the future. Be sure to check out select articles from The Avalanche Review. This is a publication that is supported and operated by the American Avalanche Association and its members.

PLEASE remember, this is only a starting point for avalanche education. It is not intended to provide adequate information for you to start making decisions for yourself and others in avalanche terrain.

Snow Mechanics

The Role Of Collapse In Avalanche Release Review And Implications For Practitioners And Future Research; TAR34.3
Remote Sensing of Snow Avalanches Potential and Limitation for Operational Use; TAR33.4
Surface Hoar Thoughts from Doug Chabot; TAR33.4
Practice Meets Science: SLF International Advanced Training Course on Snow and Avalanches in Davos Switzerland; TAR33.4
Why Measuring Snow Density Matters; TAR30.2
Csi: Fracture Mechanics; TAR29.3
So What? How does an understanding of avalanche mechanics benefit ME?; TAR29.3
Inbounds Incidents & Fatalities 2008/09; TAR28.3
The Extended Column Test: A Way to Assess the Snowpack Fracture Propagation Propensity; TAR27.4
Picturing Unforeseen Weak Layers & Crystals; TAR27.4
On Varying Slab Thickness And Fracture Propagation; TAR27.4
Deep-Slab Instability: Characterizing the Phenomena; TAR26.3
Extended Column Test Reference Card (ECT) - 2008
So What? Or What does an understanding of avalanche mechanics do for me?

Temperature Effects

Playing with Fire Case Study of the March 4, 2012, Temperature/Solar Radiation-Induced, Dry-Slab Natural Avalanche Cycle and its Practical Implications for Forecasting; TAR31.3
Here Comes the Sun Case study of an avalanche cycle in the Purcells, BC, February 2-3, 2012; TAR31.3
How Surface Warming Affects Dry-Snow Instability; TAR31.3