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File Name Size Date Posted Decription
Miner Lake.jpg 182k 1-10-08 Slid across the trail to Rock Island lake in the Miner Lake drainage of the Big Hole basin. To put into perspective, the log in the bottom right frame is about 3 feet in diameter and 30 feet long. Photo by Jeanette Robertson
SkiCutNoNameBowl.jpgerthoud Slide.jpg 75k 1-10-08 Ski cut that triggered a shallow slide in No Name Bowl near the Park City Ridgeline. Photo by Kurt Knisely
http://www.don-lindsay-archive.org/odds/ Link 1-10-08 Canadian Pacific Railway avalanche photos at Rogers Pass from 1935. Courtesty of Don Lindsay
Fortress access Rd Mt James Walker.jpg 143k 1-10-08 Fortress access Rd Alberta Canada. Photo by James Walker
Berthoud Slide.jpg 188k 1-22-07 Berthoud Pass, Colorado. First in a group of 4 triggered this 300' wide 1-4' slab. Skier (pictured) luckily dropped through the slab onto the rocks near the fracture. Photo by Jim Daus
Avalancha ST.jpg 147k 9-14-06 Triggered, controlled avalanche. Valle Nevado, Chile. Santa Terresa Area
Photo by Gregg Henderson
PICT0598.JPG 112k 11-09-05 Avalanche at Berner Oberland (Jungfrau) Switzerland Photo by Joseph M. Harris III
595pp.JPG 135k 11-09-05

Avalanche at Pikes Peak, CO. Three buried. Were dug out by friends. Lost all
skiing equipment. Photo by: Daniel Karlsson, Sweden. 

berthoudpass1.jpg 74k 11-09-05

Skier triggered slide on Berthoud Pass, 2nd Creek access

MVC-018S.JPG 37k 12-15-04

Image of avalanche near Wildhorse BC. 1 fatality and 1 broken back. Harry Sims

looking down
looking up
lucky fellow
scotts saw

Mike Baker was caught and partially buried on a snowmobile while climbing a small hill at Copper Creek, Lincoln, MT on 3/2/02. His friends dug him out.

Navajopk.jpg 85k 2-26-04

Avalanche on Navajo Peak, Chelan County, Washington where one snowmobiler was killed on 12/17/03.  Avalanche started around the 6800 foot level and ended at about the 5400 foot level. Bill Quistorf Snohomish County Search and Rescue

avalanche.lg.18.2.9.mov 2.8meg (large) 10-1-03

KELLOGG, Idaho Snowmobilers Neal Houn and Greg Lanja out run a 20-foot wall of snow in full view of a friend's video camera.




This is what happens when you build a chalet in the path of an avalanche.  The chalet belonged to a local mayor who, quite sensibly, rented it to tourists.  The Pyrenees had a very snowy winter which resulted in this chalet, plus several cars, being shunted down the mountainside by a slide at the start of February 2003.  No-one was in the chalet at the time but two people in the car-park below were buried but rescued without much harm by the local piste patrol and mountain police. It is the second time a chalet has been hit at this location. David George

StAnton.jpg 53k 4-3-03

I was watching these 3 guys climbing to the top of the next valley to ski to Stuben, in the Austrian Alps. This resort is on the back side of St.Anton.

The avalanche released 5-10 seconds before the photo was taken. Matt Jackson Norwich, England

Shames Start .jpg
Shames Dep.jpg

Here are some photos of Path #2 which affects Shames Mountain Ski Area access road in Terrace, BC. The avalanche was initiated by helicopter control. It produced a size 3.5 avalanche that blocked the road. Steve Brushey

skiYuma2.jpg 114k 2-24-03

How a "Old" snowranger does avalanche control work. Photo of me skiing on control work - easy day not much action. Kenneth E. White, Vice-President
Friends of the NW Weather & Avalanche Center



Images from Joe Shortt
Avalanche near Rogers Pass BC, Canada
Abbott Observatory, Rogers Pass
Canadian Artillery firing in Rogers Pass
Hoar frost at Rogers Pass

avalanche-.jpg 37k 10-23-02

B+W controlled slide in Telluride Co. HUGE for more info or large prints email ealphoto@hotmail.com or visit www.blacklightphoto.com. Eric Limon Copyright

P1130006.JPG 94k 4-6-02

Photo from Park City Mountain, Utah. The crown was about 3 feet and flanks were about 5 feet. Photo by Ben Mackay

lavina.jpg 94k 1-24-01 Avalanche falling down through the North Face of Pik Lenina (7134 m above sea level). Altitude difference between Camp1 (4200 m, the photo was taken from there) and summit is about 3000 m. Photo by Jan Pala, Czech Republic
26avalanche.jpg 65k 12-26-00 Avalanche on Mt. St. Elias, St. Elias Range, AK 1997 . Photo by Paul Sharwell
aval_spas.jpg 66k 12-26-00

A nice slab that fell on one of the most popular ski runs in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. Photo by Momchil Panayotov

dumpage.jpg 45k 4-17-00 Slide on the Seward Highway, AK about to hit tidewater. Photo by Terry Onslow
3-Apr-00 Cornice control avalanche, Cariboo Mts. B.C.Photos by Brad White
Mvc-008f.jpg 50k 14-Mar-00 Large slide that killed a bulldozer operator 8 miles north of Girdwood, AK. The dark spot in the center is where the D-6 came to a rest. Photo by Kurt Troyer
121.jpg 50k 28-Feb-00 huge avalanche in Karakorams (May 1988)
rime_plus2.jpg 47k 11-Jan-00 Rime ice? What Rime ice?
Mvc-025f.jpg 29k 11-Jan-00 Jim Kennedy sends a shot towards Alyeska's Glacier Bowl cornice as Veatch and Descutner watch.
highmrk2.jpg 80k 30-April-99 High marking smowmobiler gets a surprise. Sequence of photos by Jeff Halligan, Snow Ranger, Payette National Forest
slide_1.jpg 50k 16-April-99 Artificially released avalanche by 160-mm mortar firing in Kirovsk, Murmansk region, Russia, 1998. The volume of slide is 30000 cubic meters. Photo by P.Chernouss
ruby2.jpg 36k 1-Feb-98 Large avalanche in Lamoille Canyon, Ruby Mountains. Photo By Joe Royer.
superior.jpg 70k 14-April-98 Slab avalanche sequence on Mount Superior, Utah, triggered by helicopter bombing. Photos by Dan Judd
RUBYWX2L.jpg 48k 23-Mar-97 Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski remote weather station, Photos by Joe Royer
elklong2.jpg 80k 26-Feb-97 Elk Point running big above Sundance UT, Photos by Dan Judd
slide.jpg 21k 2-Feb-97 Slide Canyon running to the highway in Provo Canyon, UT Photo by Jerry Hill
milford95.jpg 27k 22-Jan-97 Avalanche on the Milford Road, New Zealand, Photo by Peter Weir
ruby.jpg 20k 31-Dec-96 Avalanche in the Right Fork of Lamoille Creek, Ruby Mountains. Photo By Joe Royer
mbaldy2.jpg 21k 28-Sep-96 Nice slide off of the baldy shoulder at Alta, Utah about to hit the Center for Snow Science at Alta impact pylon. Photo by Piney
105mm.jpg 13k 24-Sep-96 Incredible photo of a 105mm recoiless rifle being fired. Photo by Mike Boissonneault.
argenta.jpg 17k 24-Sep-96 The Agrenta slide path in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, after a major slide that cleared 50 years of growth out of the way. Photo by Dan Judd.
bridalveil1.jpg 20k 24-Sep-96 What is left of the Bridal Veil Falls lower terminal after it was hit by large powder avalanche. Located in Provo Canyon, Utah. Photo by Bruce Tremper.
bridalveil2.jpg 21k 24-Sep-96 Another photo of the Bridal Veil slide. Photo by Bruce Tremper.
porter.jpg 16k 24-Sep-96 A large destructive slide that cleared lots of timber in the Porter Fork drainage of Millcreek Canyon, Utah. Photo by Bruce Tremper.
emmas.jpg 17k 24-Sep-96 Photo of a car that was parked in the wrong place under the Emma 3 slide path at Alta, Utah. Photo by Dan Judd.
milford1.jpg 16k 24-Sep-96 Starting zone of the Sinks avalanche path above the Milford Road in New Zealand. Photo by Dan Judd, Courtesy of Wayne Carren & Peter Weir.
milford2.jpg 19k 24-Sep-96 Splatter zone of the Sinks path shown above. Rocks the size of basketballs are picked up and thrown from the river bed and hurled to the other side of the valley! Photo by Dan Judd, Courtesy of Wayne Carren & Peter Weir.
milford3.jpg 11k 24-Sep-96 Water pouring off the Gulliver's avalanche paths during a storm. Above the Milford Road, New Zealand. Photo by Dan Judd, Courtesy of Wayne Carren & Peter Weir.
milford4.jpg 13k 24-Sep-96 Large dust cloud from an avalanche above the Homer Tunnel on Milford Road, New Zealand. Photo Peter Weir.
roman.jpg 14k 24-Sep-96 Sobering photo of the slide in Wolverine Cirque, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, that killed Roman Latta. Photo by Neil Ryland
wxman.jpg 20k 24-Sep-96 Your suspicions about weather forecasters are confirmed... Photographer unknown